Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HitchPOD Sleeping Camper

FOR SALE upon Order

Pictures are of Show Room Model
HitchPOD Sleeping Camper

                HitchPOD trailer version is the safer tent, made of 3/8” thick non toxic molded polyethylene with no seams making it in-penetrable for most animals. With a size of roughly 42”x42”x75” it can easily sleep one or two people for instant camping.  With a total weight of around 300 pounds it is light enough for any vehicle to pull it around with ease with its 1 7/8” ball.  Easy, quick, safe, durable, and the ability to be pulled by any vehicle the HitchPOD trailer is a new way of camping for anyone.  (Can also be used as more cargo space as well as a place for your dogs during travel) More Details Below.
Order and have newly assembled and made personally for you.

Price - $1995 (All orders are brand new everything built for the customer)

Colors – Black, Green, Grey, as well as many others (ask about other options)

HitchPOD Dimensions – 42”x42”x75” solid piece/no seams (Polyethylene)

Trailer – Single Axle Trailer with 1 7/8” ball,

4.8-12 Tires with 12x4 rims

 4 wire tail lights

900 Lbs weight capacity

Features – Open & Close Air vent in roof

                Deadbolt & Handle lock front door with sliding glass window and screen

                Front Cargo Rack measuring 20”x50”x3”

                Fold up attached leveling jack on front & portable leveling jack for front

                Built in LED Tail Lights

                1 ½ Foam pad inside

                Interior battery operated Light

Contact Info

                Jim Nelson 701-720-9518 jim44nelson@yahoo.com

Zach Nelson 406-545-3245 zachnelson151@yahoo.com

                Ryan Nelson 406-210-2732